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  2. ourselves by really liking Lyon, France. Obviously we were there for Virginie and Pierre’s gorgeous French countryside wedding. But we had given ourselves a couple extra days to explore the

  3. Åhh det så bare sååå nydelig ut!!Er det ikke utgjort hvordan en ting gjerne drar med seg flere når de siser takk for seg.. Grrrr.. Håper nissen er snill :)Klem fra Tove

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  5. No-no, because the essentials are the things that go up first and foremost. If food and energy are expensive as shit but houses/rent and LCD screens are available for the dirt poor, you’ll still have riots in the streets, because food and energy is what matters the most, hands fucking down Or is this something you want to argue against?Where is overall prices down in the U.S.? Let’s cut the ideology and get to the data. Link me, please.

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  7. Jag har ocksÃ¥ pÃ¥ radion hört nÃ¥gon som refererat till din fina andakt. Den sÃ¥ng som dÃ¥ spelades tror jag var med Ulf Christiansson… och det var nog ingen ungdom som önskade. Du verkar gÃ¥ hem ocksÃ¥ i pensionärskretsar:)

  8. that is not true. if you purchased a bmw certified pre owned vehicle then you still have to pay for regular, wear and tear maintanence such as oil changes, brakes, windshield wiper blades, etc.in order to only have to pay for fuel and tired you have to get the full maintanence program, on top of the warranty. but you can only get this on BRAND NEW bmw’s

  9. Nací en Jerez en el año 1945. A los 11 años ya estaba trabajando en una papeleria de la calle Larga, “tinta y papel” repartiendo periódicos. Me gustaría ver fotos de la calle de esos años 50-60. Gracias.

  10. – What a great way to use up at least one of those monster zucchini in my fridge. This pasta dish looks and sounds amazing. It is one for the books for sure!!!

  11. We never know just how special those first pictures will end up being, right? Until its been a few years, and we look back, and wish we would have taken 800 more of them?This was a sweet post :)And welcome to Flashback Friday!! Can't wait to follow along with more of your memories!


  13. you look fantastic in that dress and i just love your jelly shoes too! i feel better when i wear shorts under my dress too especially when i ride my bike. i don't feel like i am flashing everyone my undies :O i don't think we have a drive in at all around here. i know in santa cruz which is further south has one. i would love eto go in our bug!xo,cb

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  15. That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

  16. Actually, the funny thing is that Fjordman is the real narcissist. His status as the super-star of the "Counter-jihad" is more precious to him than the challenge to face the consequences and outcome of his writing in real life. When the rivers of blood will start to flow in Europe, he will still remain in the hiding, while people like Breivik will carry the burden of the fight.

  17. “when in doubt, do nothing.”If he had any cojones whatsoever, if he had the principles that he espoused during the Orange Revolution, for the sake of the country, he would re-form the Orange Coalition.Or he should explain clearly and coherently – why not.But in Ukraine, where the “political elite” don’t seem to know how to think, except when it comes to figuring out ways to steal, and where the people/sheeple can’t seem to figure out what to do about it except vote for the same old thugs – that may be asking too much.

  18. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

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  21. I dunno, Gordon. Seems a little creepy to me. It’s like men who cheat on their wives with online only affairs and then claim it is just fantasy and nothing wrong with it. Don’t think so. Emotionally cheating is cheating. Writing sex stories for money influences how you interact with other people.

  22. che Julie lo peor de todo es que le quedó re lindo!! es imposible retarlos, yo lo sufri en carne propia, pero lo peor fue que Gian se puso cual Piñon Fijo y se pinto las manos el pulover todo….a punto de salir para una fiesta! jajajaen fin…hay q dejarlos "experimentar…"besos a las 3!aye

  23. well, when I had envisioned a ‘fell-off-the-truck’ discount, I’d thought of the “accidental” variety, not the literal variety….but, this works too! yea, Delbert!! and yea, rain!!

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  25. >Hey, to be fair, sportscasters are terribly annoying no matter what sport they’re covering. I might actually watch sports if you could turn the announcers’ voices off and actually hear the action. But the announcers think we’d rather listen to some hokey “personal interest” story or some dumb cliche about “it’s all about who wants it most” than hear the people cheering in the crowd and pay attention to what’s going on.

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  29. I have lived in Kansas City for 80% of my life and as a cyclist who has been hit by a vehicle, Kansas City is not safe. Everytime there are steps to change things, the citizens don’t support it. We need trails and bike lane. Checkout other cities.

  30. Wow,thats really great!!!You should go for it definately!Lets see if i can come up with a few names to suggest….dont know very goog enlglish but..i’ll think something and i’ll come back:)

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  32. i suppose we could always use the Bible definition-by-example: A husband, a wife, another wife, a handmaiden or two and maybe a brother’s wife thrown in for good measure.

  33. I think the Del HC's logic is correct.To me, Bayer seemed to have jumped the gun.Let the Controller first issue a decision that 'impedes'/ threatens Bayer's patent… at this point the Controller has only formed a view that a prima facie case exists for him to hear both parties. To put it an American context, if Bayer would have gone in for a declaratory action, the Court here too would have dismissed it since there was 'no case or controversy'.Regards,Freq. Anon.

  34. I guess the tidal wave of FPS is because of the “westernization” of the industry this gen. We need more Japanese flavoured games. Big, spiky hair, swords, emo kids trying to save the world. I’m hoping the JRPG genre comes back in a big way this gen like it was in gen 6 (PS2 was like JRPG heaven). The Wii U should be perfect for those kinds of games.

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  38. That’s really shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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  46. I appreciate your reactions to this. I’ve noticed many ladies do not like it too. But I wasn’t really in a romantic mood when I wrote those words to my girlfriend. Most importantly, they were the unedited piece of my mind. Thanks for stopping by.

  47. ..och jag som trodde (och hoppades) att man nuförtiden var lite "trött-morsa-chic"? Är det inte sÃ¥? Varför har ingen sagt till mig? Jag köpte apotekets solpuder härom dagen….

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  51. And, really, could they even think of a stupider issue to use to distract the public from real issues like the president threatening to start yet another real war?How true. Benazir Bhutto gets assassinated because she’s a WOMAN who dares to tell Muslim men that they might just have it all wrong… and we have a “war on Christmas”.Very nice post, C.L. Keep up the good work. You definitely deserved your !

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  53. Oh, wow! I love everything about this house! I love the paintings, the way they have the books stacked by color, everything! Gorgeous, gorgeous home, and fabulous photography, too!

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  57. So the "Cherokee Freedmen" can no longer double-dip on NAM privileges? How sad.Though if I were one of the many very white-looking "Cherokees" whose tribal membership depends on a tenuous application of the one-drop rule that is currently used to determine membership, I might be a little concerned as well.

  58. tre anni e mezzo e in tempi ben più recenti (1975/1978) ha sterminato il 50%[sic] della popolazione, con modi ancor più violenti (se possibile) di quelli adottati dai tedeschi. "ehm… forse è meglio anche per te documentarsi un po' sui numeri…

  59. I never thought I would hear the phrase "Sexy Lorax." Ever in my life.Is it weird that I kind of like the hamburger dress? Not in a Halloween way, but I want to wear it all the time as a dress. And I don't even like dresses.

  60. Buenas fotos y cuantos recuerdos de juventud. Ya te puedes imaginar que viviendo en Tudela me cae a tiro de piedra y la suelo visitar a menudo. Pero esas calles, la Plaza Salamero (antigua del Carbón), el tubo con sus bocadillos de calamares, el plata, el Oasis… ¡Qué te voy a decir a tí!Un saludo

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  75. Se convoca una manifestación anticatólica el Jueves Santo por la noche a pocos metros del paso de procesiones. El objeto de la manifestación, reconocido por los convocantes, es la mofa y burla de creencias religiosas, con pasos como el de "la virgen del santísimo coño". Los carteles y manifestaciones de los convocantes humillan una y otra vez esas creencias religiosas QUE AMPARA NUESTRA CONSTITUCIÓN.Y a vosotros os parece una falta de libertad no permitir semejante provocación…. Buf. No digo nada más porque el dueño del blog me borra el comentario. Pero… buf.

  76. Ich hoffe das dieses angebot noch steht da es ja doch schon zwei jahre alt ist,komme auch aus dobl und würde mich freuen von dir zu hören

  77. those south sea bubblers and tea pot domers have a 1500 year head start……. old swabbies going waaayyyyy back to the old med mudder phoney -icians… sicily, greek, dagos, ragheads turks and voila’….. the sun burned race…………..with bug eyes….and 1 huge eyebrow and hairy thumbs…..those half dans olave kinkers….and bbbbbaptists…..

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  79. “. Israel will need to sacrifice both financial and from a territorial aspect.”BTW Yonira, you know that nobody is asking Israel to sacrifice a single square inch [of Israel] right? Since none of Gaza and the West Banl / East Jerusalem actually belongs to Israel it’s not appropriate to call ending the occupation a sacrifice of territory.

  80. Wieso stört dich der Grashalm? Ich finde das gibt dem Bild noch nen netten Farbtupfer. Und wie Sabine schon gesagt hat: Natur ist eben so…. ;-)LGAnnika

  81. Cuando era pequeña y le decía a mi madre “no puedo”, ella me respondía “Querer es poder”. Que siempre tengamos amigos que nos ayuden de esa forma. Abrazos

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  92. Razor, your thinking is so sterile it depresses me.Neoliberalism proudly boasted of the “end of history” including recessions.Of course, had education spending been up to scratch in the decades leading to the GFM, perhaps we would have been a clever enough country not to even have to use fiscal stimulus, let alone avoid a recession using it.But we weren’t.So we did the best with what we had and for exponentially better results than just about any other country in the world.

  93. The news media showed their true colors during the election. Isn't there anyone left who wants to investigate and break a news story? Oh, O'Reilly looked into it and saw a birth announcement in the paper. That's great!

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  97. you tell a good story of an important turning point in this woman’s life. It is easy to see her struggling the decisions she is making and the reasons why she makes her choices. I can picture her walking the rows of agave and I have hope for her at the end of the story that she will make some healthy changes for herself…the only one she change.

  98. Forstår godt hva du mener, men ja, det kommer til å snu. Og i mellomtiden ser jeg gjerne flere av dine blinkskudd fra sommeren. Nydelige farger og stemning, Anne:)

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  102. If your incoherent statements (and bad spelling) are indicative on the republican party’s line of thinking, I’m SURE GLAD that Obama’s winning the election in November. At least he PAYS his taxes…

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  106. you. You are "AWAKE". I think many birthers here fail to realize the tremendous lack of INTEGRITY in themselves and in our movement that is projected when they fail to recognize Orly as the "Real Deal". It is our "Greatest Weakness".And the Bots just LOVE IT..!

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  116. We are the only group of people judged by the least amongst us._________________________________Wow! Well said and so very true in this country. I don't know how to relate antisemitism to that, Jews seeming to be the default whipping boy after/besides blacks and not judged at all, or judged by events 2,000 years ago.

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